Super Mario Galaxy


Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

As a man of boisterous build, it goes without saying that I need my rubbish food just to keep me going. All these things that I see fad diets restricting, you know, carbos or whatever it is, trans fats, saturated fats, fats domino, I need generous amounts of all that just to keep me ticking over. So you can keep your marathons and your ironmans and your abs – it’s behemoth beefburgers, killer kebabs, flatliner fries and even heartstopping hummus for me.

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Prince of Persia (SNES)


Prince of Persia (1992)

A few years back, when I read online about some miraculous new dating app called Tinder, I gave it my usual cynical response: a haughty snort, a derisive laugh, a stiffening of the upper lip. It all sounded pretty sleazy to me. Not that I could look down on anything for being a bit seedy, but I still had to take a pause. Online dating? Had we decided to take a stock-in-trade joke of sitcoms and stand-up funnymen and make it a real thing? Surely something as tragic as online dating couldn’t fly in a society like Ireland’s, a society that still collectively points at anything non-conformative and grunts disapprovingly?
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