It goes down sweet and smooth, but it’ll cost you a few Golds

Faxanadu (1990)

I’ve done some pretty crazy things and mad things to where I get close to women you know without getting arrested, that is, and chiefly among them is temporarily taken up smoking. Now, I came from a heavy smoking household. I used to be under the impression that the terms are super nintendo yellow. All the smoke it was that bad, but for my parents that is who have both since given up in fairness to them. I hope it isn’t too little too late.

But God, what a. What a bad habit I mean, God is awful for you, it’s bloody expensive, but the question about it is, you know, my parents had been smoking since there was something like age 14, it seems to be the case that his smoke does early in life as he could. Back then, or the question really is is smoking cool. And I have to be honest and unfortunately, say that it is and in a way it’s sexy as well.

That’s only Of course if you’re not coughing like a pilchard, which I tend to do. If I’m not doing that I won’t actually be a cigarette and half of it was in my note once before, I know how I manage stuff but I did, you know, and it’s a bloody expensive habit, really is, you’re always having to buy more.

I don’t know how people can afford to spend money on like some people smoke 60 a day, and afford that. It’s an absolute banker, it’s a luck that every single budget that comes out in Ireland anyway will always put at least 50 cent onto the price of a packet of bags. So no wonder people go abroad to like Spain and get them in as cheaply as possible, because you’re given that allowance but then you could actually, that I wonder how many elderly couples out there are actually, you’d have to call them cigarette smokers.

Not, I get onto this tangent as well for two reasons. Firstly, because I was amazed to play a bit of facts and to do on the NES, and so many characters, smoking, not just the shopkeeper but many other characters. I didn’t think that was something that they would allow on a Nintendo, doesn’t matter that Nintendo didn’t make this game but to actually have that on your console I was quite amazed.

But uh, this is one of those things where you look back and you think, Wow, how did that actually let that happen. You know, I could have been smoking sponsorship in football and f1 and stuff. Yeah. As you look back and think, Oh, that’s a that’s quite a difference of values. And it’s amazing as well that cigarettes don’t even seem to need that much advertising but they’ll still.

They’ll still be popular. And I would, I would almost argue that, you know, it’s still more preferable to vaping, and there’s not a smell and stuff but, you know, vaping is just, like, Is there any more disgusting phrase in the English language and then vape juice, you know, forget about e cigarettes and all that rubbish.

If you’re going to smoke, do it property. And I’d say two facts to do if you’re going to do an adventure game do properly. This is a bit like Zelda II and a bit like The Battle of Olympus as well. Another good NES game, but it’s definitely too moribund to be playing nowadays, that’s for sure.

But with a guide you could you can play facts on a deal and get some fun out of it. It’s got its decently atmospheric adventure game, if you know what you’re doing. I guess this is the case with all and yes games but if you know you’re doing that it actually doesn’t really last that long at all.

One feature that I do like about it is that you are when you equip new items and armour and stuff on your character, you will actually see it on them, so I don’t just mean like you know you like to change colour and sell the one I’m talking about. You’ll see the new sword and the new shield and things like that, as a fight against some pretty disgusting looking monsters and there’s some nice music as well.

But the majority of your time in Faxanadu is spent getting money or goals as its goals plural as called in the game, which to buy the items in need and particularly keys, you’ll be in smoke filled shops, allow buying the necessary keys you need reminds me of going into pharmacies in places like Spain and Turkey and there’s like the guy behind the counter smoking. You think, he’s in the right job, isn’t he?!

No, it’s always it’s always the doctors and the medical practitioners and the chemists do the worst. You’re the least healthy in my experience, but, you know, that’s what that’s all it is trying to get money, spending what little money you have to get by.

And, you know, this game really, it’s, it’s a bit like a smoke you know you definitely have to be in the mood. I’m no everyday smoker I never will be. So you might even think of it more as a cigar.

Not something you’d have every day not something you’d cover too often. But, you know, in a certain time of frame of mind, maybe two or three times a year.

It could be just sweet as a note when you do decide to indulge me and the boys have sometimes bought cigars on our night so these tend to be the same nights is when we adorn blazers.

Well, the theater guys are places I’m, I have a suit jacket because I’m a bit more classy. This is our idea of class by the way you know blazers and cigars.

Yes, yes, I know. We look like absolute merchant bankers in anyone’s language, but, you know, you lay a flag, you light a cigar, and how many cool points is that give you?

Maybe not enough to get you over the line with a woman, just like Fox honor the poverty don’t get over the line and make it into your top 10 and NES games. But, um, it was a look. Need better end

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