Plagiarism is a serious thing, and the Gunman’s Proof of that


gunmans proof

Ganpuru: Gunman’s Proof (1997)

Did you know that I was actually once convicted of that much feared crime of college plagiarism? The one that they like to pretend is worse than a chilling murder-rape? It’s actually a true story this time, unlike all of those other ridiculous anecdotes I tell that invariably star me as the hero. The only little detraction from this story I’m about to self-indulgently regale is the fact that I was actually done for self-plagiarism. That’s right – because I submitted two essays for two different modules that had some admittedly similar paragraphs, the Evil Computer flagged me as a big fat plagiarism number and I was summoned for a chat with one of the lecturers in question, who looked like Milhouse with a goatee.

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