The Days of the Nintendo 64 (Feature) (2013)

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The Days of the Nintendo 64 (2013)

Please be advised that this feature contains strong language.

Feature, 02/01/13


Technology always marches on with time. It’s a sad thing, but it’s inevitable. And so it was that the Super Nintendo, still in my mind the undisputed king of consoles, had to bow out eventually. But the omens were good: Nintendo’s Ultra 64 was on its way. A 64-bit machine! Far better than the 16-bits of the SNES and the Sega Mega Drive, and still double that of the Sony PlayStation, released in 1995! The Ultra 64, later named simply the Nintendo 64, was released in the US in 1996 and Europe in 1997, already facing stiff competition from the PlayStation following its terrific launch and capacity for 3D games.

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